11 mind blowing frugal ideas of a single mom to make Memorial Day weekend a memorable one

Knock knock! It’s me, Memorial Day weekend.. I’m very much excited to meet you all after such a long time and I’m sure that the same condition is applicable for you all too.

Yes, you are right. Memorial Day weekend is already knocking our doors and I’m damn excited about it. So, planned to share my insights with you all regarding this special weekend and here we go:

Most of us, especially single moms like me are looking forward to the upcoming three day weekend though this weekend is different from the other ones. This is Memorial Day weekend.

Frugal ideas to enjoy memorial day weekend
Frugal ideas to enjoy memorial day weekend

Memorial Day is the special day that we celebrate to pay tributes to all those brave men and women who have served the nation being in the armed forces. Some of them are still serving while others have served in the past or breathed their last in the military service. The day was formerly known as Decoration Day and celebrated to commemorate all those people who have devoted their life in the military service for the U.S. The day was originated during the years followed by the Civil War and became a formal federal holiday in the year 1971.

The official holiday is on May 30th but in most American states it is celebrated on the last Monday of the month of May. Instead of simply celebrating the day, we usually celebrate the entire weekend prior to the Memorial Day. Traditionally, the day is considered as the start of summer.

Being a single and working mom, I get less time to spend with my baby loves and so this weekend is going to be a great treat for my daughters who generally can’t spend much time with me during weekdays. The same applies to me as well. I want to spend Memorial Day weekend with my children having lots of fun though like always I am on a strict budget.

Here are the things I am keeping in my holiday schedule. I know exploring all of the ideas are next to impossible but I will definitely explore at least 3 to 4 of those ideas with my kids and of course with my dear mom.

1. Go on a family picnic

This is certainly in my priority list. I believe there is nothing nicer than a lovely family picnic on a beautiful day. Well though the venue is not yet decided, I may head down to the Miami Beach with frozen grapes, cherries, dried fruits along with cheese and ham sandwiches. But if the pocket doesn’t permit then I may arrange it in a local park. To me getting outside for dinner is not the only way to dine; rather it could be even more enjoyable to have it filled a whole afternoon. Turkey caprese sandwiches and pressed salami sandwiches are most likely to be in the menu.

2. Go for local events

My eyes will be surely staring at the local newspapers for the events that I can enjoy with my daughters, this weekend. My city has its own website dedicated to the promotion of local activities and event. Since I stay close to Washington D.C, I may try inexpensive and even free events related to history of Memorial Day as this would empower my daughters as well.

3. Go camping

I love camping and so I have a plan to explore camping accompanied by my daughters in a nearby national park. This is an event which is very much within my budget. Moreover, I have been informed by one of my colleagues that some of the parks offer special discounted rate for the Memorial Day weekend.

4. Go for swimming

Since summer is in the offing and by the end of May, the temperature will be quite warm, we may go for swimming. I would prefer to have our session in the local community swimming pool instead of a lake.

Memorial day weekend fun
Memorial day weekend fun

5. Enjoy a Barbecue

I may also fire up the grill and invite some of my closest friends along with my sister over for an old-fashioned yet good cookout though I am also interested in a potluck-style barbecue. I would ask them to bring different types of food to make the BBQ a great and thrifty one. I am sure it won’t cause much pressure to their pocket. My favorite dish is nothing other than the juicy sticky chicken drumstick that I will cook by myself.

6. Watch movies

My elder daughter is a movie buff. She loves to watch movies like anything. So I am planning to rent some of her favorite movies and settle in for a fun-filled movie marathon. And I will make it more authentic by grabbing some candy and popcorn for sure.

7. Visit local library

I am a bookworm and luckily both of my daughters too! I would prefer to visit my library with them. Our library arranges free activities like reading from a bestseller, for the children that I am sure my daughters will surely enjoy.

8. Go for local museum

Well, this is another good weekend option that I may opt for with my kids. The history museum nearest to my home is offering discounted admission. I will simply love to take my kids and help them learn the history of the nation and also the history of Memorial Day.

9. Go for bargain shopping

Though I am frugal I love shopping. Whenever and wherever there is a chance for a bargain shopping, I try to explore it. This three day weekend brings summer dreams and at the same time, it kicks off summer savings too! I have already started collecting coupons and also kept an eye on deal blogs for possible sales. I would love to spend the weekend saving money and getting all the stuffs that my family requires as well.

10. Take a short weekend trip

Though I am not much sure, I would prefer to keep this idea in my list. Last minute travel has always been a great amusement to me. And if I can manage to arrange a few hundred dollars, I may fly with my darlings for a Vegas trip.

11. Arrange a volleyball tourney

I hardly had a Memorial Day without badminton or volleyball during my teen and early adult years. To me, it is just linked with the celebration of this special day. If I had such a great entertainment then why not my daughters? No, I can’t afford to go for a beach volleyball tournament; rather I will encourage them to play in their own way in the yard but obviously under my supervision. Also, I would call their mates to join the tourney. It’s going to be a great fun for them.

On Memorial Day, we honor each and every service member who has given their life in the line of duty. Family members of those great souls usually visit memorials and cemeteries in memory of their loved ones. We might not do so, but our heartfelt gratitude will be there for the brave souls.

Over to you:

​What are your budget-friendly plans to celebrate this memorial day weekend? How you are going to manage your expenses without hampering your joy and happiness? Is there any special lesson you would like to teach us all on this special day and you are looking for a platform for doing so? If yes, than please feel free to shoot me a mail at: debtfarewell @ gmail . com and I will be more than happy to post the same in form of a comment on my site, or else leave your valuable insights on my FB, Twitter, G+ or any other social media profile page.

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