About Me

Hey There All You Beautiful People!!!

It’s my pleasure to extend a cheerful welcome to you all!

I am an educated, dynamic, active, working and top of all a successful single mom with two cute little daughters.

I ride the wave of struggle every single day to give my daughters every joy of life and let them not to feel the absence of their dad. During initial days of my singlehood, I went looking for a book or something that would contain an easy formula or way out for feeling better, staying better, looking better, forgiving my daughters’ dad as well as myself, and raising my daughters without being frustrated and a failure. Besides, I was deep down in my student loan debt that sometimes it seemed impossible for me to make monthly debt payment and run the family simultaneously. So I was in dire need of something that could help me find a vent to cope with the situation. Unfortunately, I found nothing.

I strongly believe “It’s God’s will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty. It’s God’s will for you to pay your bills and not be in debt”. And keeping this in mind, I combined my expertise as a coach to get out of debts as well as live a debt free life, and my own experiences as a person knee-deep in debts. With this mission, I started this blog so that it could help others struggling with debt burden find the right track to go debt free.

Debts can never be good for anybody – I have learnt it from my six years of experience. Debts can destruct one’s life; & happiness forever. So I tried my level best to help others like me to arrange grand farewell to all outstanding debts through my blog and articles.

I believe all those who are jostling with debts like me can relate their problems with mine and will be benefited through my experiences that I have bundled on my site as articles. If you belong to this group, keep yourself updated with my latest posts by subscribing to the RSS Feeds.
I would also like to give you all a call to share your experiences and stories on how you’ve won your battle against debt challenges. I hope the readers of my blog will surely learn some interesting facts from your experiences and implement them in their own life to become debt free. If you’re never been in debt, write how you’ve successfully managed to stay debt free in your life.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my story. Here I am wishing you all the very best towards your journey of arranging a “Grand Farewell to Debt Problems”.

Hope to see you again soon.


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