Cuddle your love on budget – Exceptional V day ideas

Love is in the air
Everywhere I look around
Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound……….

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and whole world is laden with the spirit of love. This is the perfect time to keep the spark of your love relationship alive and show that you love and appreciate each other. In fact, the love season has already started spreading its charisma with Rose Day which was on 7th February. Let us have a look at the Valentine’s week calendar.

1. Rose Day, 7th February – This is the day of roses and romance. Lovers give red roses to their beloveds to express their heartfelt love.

2. Propose Day, 8th February – This is the second day of Valentine’s week. This is the day for the lovers who have been long awaiting the chance to express their love and say, “I love you”.

3. Chocolate Day, 9th February – Chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Couples share chocolate amongst each other to augment the feeling of attraction and temptation.

4. Teddy Day, 10th February – Male partners give teddies to their female counterparts as teddy bear has always been an adorable friend of girls.

5. Promise Day, 11th February – This is the day to promise that your love will be never ending.

6. Hug Day, 12th February – This is the day to give your dearly loved a tight hug to transmit the warmth of your love.

7. Kiss Day, 13th February – On this day, the lovers celebrate their expression of all the promises they have made to their loved ones. Just a loving kiss and your love will be expressed.

8. Valentine’s Day, 14th February – And finally the day of love comes! This is the day to celebrate love with all emotions involved to it.

Valentine’s week
Valentine’s week

However, expressing your love for your fiancé with a diamond or a five star meal is neither a requirement nor a true way of meaningful diction even if you have that affordability. Money can’t measure the depth of your love. Then why should you bother about your limited budget?

You can make your soul mate contented with a unique yet inexpensive gift – just add your feelings to it. Your gift should be nothing but a beautiful means to utter how much you love, care for and want your beloved. Here are some outstanding, slinky, cuddly, sensuous, sexy and enticing yet budget-friendly V-day gift ideas just for you. Go for any of them and make your darling happy and pleased like never before.

  • Watch sunrise – Perhaps you’ve seen many sunsets together. But have you ever watched a sunrise together? Do you know how spectacular the sunrise could be in the winter? Wake up together early in the morning and bundle up. You can crawl back to your bed and hold each other close afterward.
  • Watch a film at local art house cinema – Well, I am not talking about a movie; leave them for the masses and treat the date to an evening of modest moiety. Even if none of you is a film buff, when the lights dim, you’ll surely take pleasure of your greatest sex organ being kneaded – of course, I’m talking about your brain.
  • Arrange an old school bonfire – It’s a BYOS where S denotes S’mores. This is an old yet great way to come closer. If you live in or near a country side, building a bonfire on this special winter night can be absolutely romantic and eternal excuse to give your loved one a tight and passionate hug. Stealing a loving kiss under the vast open sky while you stoke up the fires will definitely leave you with an unforgettable memory that you will cherish for rest of your life.
  • Sledge at a sledding spot – This Valentine, unleash the child within you; go for a sledding at a nearby sledding spot with your partner. This is a low-cost but amazing way to embrace your love. You’re likely to enjoy some ‘hold on tight’ flashes releasing endorphin on the way down and mirth on the way up, and some tender, dreamy and well-deserved hot moments back at your place.
  • Get glutinous – Bake chocolate lava cake and feed each other with your hand but without using any fork. You can also have the cake with just mouth and then kiss.  This is a yummy, sensuous, outstanding but economical way of expressing your love in a sexy way.
  • Play truth or dare – Start with writing out five dares like trying on a seductive outfit or some naughty ideas like stripping on separate chits of paper. Keep them in a bowl and then take turns asking each other mischievous questions like ‘What’s sexiest fantasy that you often dream of?’ or ‘What is the most uncommon venue you want to have sex?’ if you can’t answer, you have to dip into the bowl, pick out a chit and perform the dare written on it.
  • Give erotic massages – Rub your hands and make it warm; have ample amount of massage oil on your palm. Get undressed and take turns giving each other massage. If it makes you contented then let it be.
  • Have hot sex throughout the night
    Make your V-Day special like never before
    Make your V-Day special

    – Now just step outside of conventional ways; get out of your comfort zone and add some color and class to your act. Last but not the least, have spicy, slinky and cuddly hot sex on the cold Valentine night. Warm up the night with perfumed candles, open the bottle of holiday wine that was gifted by your colleague. Now roll into deeper for more than 7.5 minutes, the national average.

Valentine’s Day is the time that drops the reasons of lovers who are truly true. It is the day of the lovers, by the lovers and for the lovers irrespective of age, community and financial status. It is the day to celebrate love. It is the day that conveys the message ‘Come, fall in love’.

I’d love to know your thoughts & ideas on how you want to spend the day with your fiancé in order to make your Valentine feel  adorable on this special occassion. Is there anything you are confused about, whether to attempt or not? Please share your thoughts either on our FB or G+ page.

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