Valentine’s Day: What a Woman might expect from her Husband in a Frugal Way?

Within next few days Valentine’s Day will knock the door of our hearts, though women like me who are in living relationships & crossed many milestones in life, yet this day is still very special & means a lot to us. Those teenage days are gone when I used to receive multiple proposals in a day, I know many hearts were broken, but could not help it. Many of those poor fellows wasted their credit limit for me, but now it’s a different story altogether. Now I am a woman, so when I was asked yesterday regarding my wishes keeping the 14th Feb in mind, then I came up with following frugal friendly Valentine gift ideas

No Household tasks: On February 14th no way I will be performing the regular household tasks, instead of me my sweet loving partner would take care of the same. I want him to prepare the breakfast; I am not supposed to be disturbed during my 8hrs long beauty sleep. After that, breakfast should be served to me & kids. If required, my partner will entertain my kids on that day, but I will prefer to sit & take rest.

A Massage from my Sweet Pie: I know all the men will not be perfect in this, but just give it a try. I am lucky as my Sweet Pie is master of this craft, he can give me good massage, so will enjoy his touch on that special day. And, for newly married couples, this massage session might turn out as a moment that will take your relationship to the next step, so if you are not skilled enough, then get some ideas from online videos. 🙂

Special Dishes: I would expect my partner to cook special dishes for me on Valentine’s day, I won’t mind if the taste of those foods will not be too good, I can manage, but all I want is his special care for me, nothing else.

frugal valentines day
Frugal Valentines Day

Lunch at Home: I won’t ask him to take me to Lunch in any special place, but rather I would like to have lunch together that will help him to avoid making unnecessary expenses outside. For others I do have a romantic idea, if possible then go to the very same place where any of you proposed to each other, recall those moments and enjoy the food together.

Handmade Gifts: Since from the very first day of our relationship I loved handmade gifts, in this year too I will stick to that idea. It’s not because of that it will be frugal friendly idea, rather feelings & utmost care will be wrapped with the gift item which matters most to me. Be it’s a simple drawing or any love message with simple chocolates & roses or anything that he will give me, will be very precious to me for entire life.

Candle Light Dinner: I will definitely expect a candle light dinner this time, but again, not in any restaurant. In this case I will help him as I can make candles, even I have already started making it, in the evening I will help my sweet pie in every possible way to decorate the room & create perfect ambiance for the candle light dinner, in this way I will support him too.

Spending Some Quality Time Together: Be it is over a glass of champagne or anything else, I would like to sit over a green turf under the open sky, will talk my heart out with him, will listen to him, recall the old golden moments and maybe we both will live those golden moments again…

Other than the aforementioned points some other ideas which will be common for both the partners’ are–

Gifting a Rose Plant: It’s very common to gift Roses which you have been doing since school days, but how about giving a Rose plant as gift item, because with time you both can put your efforts to grow the plant and see beautiful roses to be blossomed in front of your eyes. 🙂

Homemade Chocolates: Instead of buying chocolates from outside, consider preparing the same at home as it will help you to fulfill the expectations of your spouse along with children.

Couple Movie Tickets: During this season you will see many Quiz contests are going on where you can participate online or offline in order to win movie tickets, otherwise, you both can book it of your own and spend some quality time together at night.

All these are my own ideas, but what about yours, is there any other different exciting ideas that are going on your mind? Please please do share those with me, feel free to shoot me email or directly post in my FB & G+ wall. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day Very Very Special 🙂

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