Have you been victimized of holiday identity theft?

In one of my previous articles, I had already enlightened few of the very important tips we should follow in order to keep our online financial transaction secure from the identity-thieves. Now, in this article I will focus a bit more on the issue.

Holiday Identity Theft, what are the next steps?

Identity theft means stealing someone’s identity for personal profit that harms the identity owner financially (in general).  It is one among the most frequent complaints filed with FTC. If you have also unfortunately suffer identity theft, you should not forget to file a complaint with FTC as this will help the corporation to allocate more resources and display data. As soon as you realize that your identity has been stolen and being used for fraudulent activities, you should take immediate steps for lessening the pace of losses.

Keep your identity safe
Beware of Identity Theft

Check out the points described below that explain you more about actions you should take after you have been victimized by identity theft

Communicate with credit card companies

As soon as you know that your identity has been stolen, you should contact to the credit card companies, banks, phone companies, service dealers your personal information is affiliated with. You should tell the officials that your account details have been stolen and you want the account to be closed. Also, request them to avoid approving any application for opening new account on your name.

Place crime reports

In order to get quick response and lessen the pace of damage, you should create an identity theft report through FTC. This is helpful for collection of information which is required by you for filing a police report, offering useful statistical information to FTC and for dealing with company who are willing to pay you for fraud activities. In the same way, it is important to file a report in the regional police department. Don’t forget to note down the report number.

Checkbooks and ATMs If your checkbook has been stolen, apply as fast as you can to close your account. According to laws, bank officials have power to reject checks with forged signatures on checks but for this favor, you will have to notify them about the theft of checkbook as soon as you come to know about it. here are contact numbers of check verification companies where you can notify officials about identity theft.

Certegy, Inc. – 1800-437-5120

TeleCheck – 1800-710-9898, 1800 – 927 – 0188

International Check Services – 1800-631-9656

Similarly, when you find that your ATM card has been stolen, you should request to the ATM card company for blocking the card immediately and request a new card with a new PIN.

Contact to credit bureaus

Note down all the phone calls, letters and activities with your credit and place fraud alert on your credit reports.

Contact to the credit bureau so that they can pass the information further. This will avoid new creditors from getting access to your credit reports and identity thieves will not be able to create new accounts using your identity. This process is called as credit freeze that cost money on the basis of state laws.

Clean up

Under the clean up process, you need to write to the credit bureaus. You should offer fraudulent information from the credit report, copies of affidavit, police report, credit report and your identity. Request for removal of fraudulent activity and send a certified mail. Explain them well that you have been victimized for holiday identity theft and ask them that how can you help them and what kind of information they want from you to resolve the matter. In general, they want phone call logs with remarks from the conversation, data of mailed letters and copies of every mail sent.

And the last but not the least is that you should develop good habits for securing your personal information and bank account details. Whether you talk about the credit card, debit card or any other document related to your financial matters, never trust anyone to pass your details. If you are using NEFT method to receive payment from your clients, maintain a different account for this purpose and don’t use same account for saving your money. Just keep that account separate for credit and debit with clients. Change your computer passwords frequently and make sure that your password is not so common to be accessed. Check your credit report every three months so that you can detect out any kind of unauthorized credit activity from your account. Whenever, you dispose any kind of information about your financial matters and bank account, shred it well so that identity thieves cannot use it.

All the above mentioned points tell you all about the action you should take after knowing that you are a victim of identity theft. It is good to take necessary precautions and stay away from this kind of fraudulent activities.

What are the additional tips you would like to follow in order to keep your identity safe? I’d love to hear the same. So, please  leave your valuable insights either on our FB, G+ or Twitter page. Hope to see you soon again. 🙂


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