How to dignify Mother Earth in the most budget-friendly and low-carbon ways?

The planet is ours. If we, the successors of mankind, won’t take care of it then who else will do it?  My fellow Earthlings, please pay attention. Again it’s time for the annual celebration of going green. Earth Day is knocking at the door and it’s our duty to think about all possible actions that we can take to protect our earth, environment and climate. And the most effective of them are often the ones which lower carbon emission and help you save money.

Happy Earth Day 2015 - Go Green
Happy Earth Day 2015 – Go Green

First we will discuss about those valuable measures that you can take to ensure leaving minimum carbon footprint and address global warming from your decision as a consumer.

  1. Keep the house airtight – Be careful about air leakage. Tackle air leaks and make the house airtight to ensure insulation save at least 25% per year.
  2. Use advance power strips – Be sure to use power strips both in your office and home to save significant amount on electricity bills. For example, shut off laser printer if not in use to save as much as $120 annually.
  3. Buy new AC and refrigerator – If your AC or freeze is more than six years old, make sure you bring a new one as they are twice as efficient and sometimes even more.
  4. Change light bulbs – New LED bulbs ensure same light for less than 1/3rd the electricity and they last for many years. And by doing this you can save more than 100 USD per year.
  5. Use an electricity monitor – You can get it from local hardware store or you can borrow from a local library to check the energy hogs of your home. By doing this you can save hundreds of dollars every year.
  6. Use cold water for washing clothes – You don’t need to use hot water for washing clothes as they get just as clean with a good detergent. Hot water washes require 5 times the energy and also create 5 times emissions. You can save about 100 USD annually by doing this.
  7. Eat less red meat – Since cattle is considered as the major contributor to global warming or rather climatic change, avoid eating meat, especially beef and cut to carbon. This is healthy too. By cutting your meat intake in half, you can avoid about 3 tons of carbon emission per year.
  8. Use a fuel efficient car – By upgrading from a 20-mpg vehicle to a 40-mpg vehicle you can save almost 4,400 gallons of gasoline over the lifespan of the vehicle and in respect of today’s gas price; you can save over 17,000 USD in total. This step would come very useful to your monthly budget.
  9. Drive smart – Follow some simple driving tricks like keeping the car tuned up, driving 65 rather than 75, keeping proper tire air-pressure and passing up needless idling. It will help you save more than 500 USD annually. Also try to cut annual carbon emission by at least 5% to 7%.
  10. Reuse and recycle – Avoid unnecessary shopping; rather emphasize on reusing and recycling of things. By spending less on shopping you will have more dollars to spend on really important things. This will also help lowering emissions and combating global warming.

Let’s have a look at some awesome ideas that not only helps being kind to Mother Nature but also coinciding with frugal lifestyle thus maintaining your budget.

Eco-Friendly & Frugal Ideas to Honor Mother Earth
Eco-Friendly & Frugal Ideas to Honor Mother Earth
  1. Shop online – This will help you reduce your carbon footprint by about 35% and also save money through online coupons available at different sites.
  2. Exercise outdoors – By getting out of the gym and exercising outdoor will help you save on gym membership. It will also help you depend less on energy-sucking cardio machineries.
  3. Close blinds before leaving – Do this especially during summer to keep the hot sun rays from entering into your home while you’re not at home. This will also help you depend less on air conditioning and thus save energy as well as money on electricity bills.
  4. Digitize event announcements – By doing this you can save on printing and postage as well as reduce use of paper.
  5. Go paperless – Accept the option when any service provider including bank offers the option of going paperless.
  6. Walk or bike to work – This will help you save on fuel consumption and thus save significant amount of money every month. You can also use public transport if this is not possible.
  7. Use mobile coupons – There are various apps through which you can have access to discounts without using conventional paper coupons.
  8. Hang dry clothes – After doing laundry, hang dry clothes and save energy as well as reduce utility bill.
  9. Avoid frequent use of blow dryers – Go natural about your hair care instead of using electronic hair products such as flat irons and blow dryers.
  10. Shop at estate and garage sales – There is nothing wrong in recycling and reusing other people’s unwanted items if they are in a good condition.
  11. Use sink full of water for dish-washing – Avoid washing dishes with the tap on. Rather fill either side of the sink with soapy water and clean dishes. Run the dishwasher only when it is full. This will help you save water as well as energy.
  12. Use eco-friendly shower head – Investing in an eco-friendly shower head can help you save up to 70% in water as well as energy consumption.
  13. Plant shrubs – Both shrubs and native plants subsist on the precipitation occurs in your locality and that makes them a good eco-friendly substitute to non-native plans that need proper maintenance including additional watering.

So, these are some general tips to go green and save money as well. But I am not done yet as now I will share some top most secret tips of my life which are helping me to save more energy and money as well.

I never forgot to switch off all the electronics good while stepping out from my house.

As plants are well known for absorbing carbon-dioxide during daytime, so I always consider to keep potted plants on the roof to put less stress on AC.

I always prefer to use ebooks instead of opting for other options in order to avoid hard copies and I advised the same to my kids too.

I am a great lover of LED lights, CFL bulbs and energy efficient electronics products and I simply can’t imagine my daily life without the same.

In-spite of being a great fan of screen savers, I still prefer not to use the same in order to save energy. Moreover, I always consider to keep my cell on power saving mode.

I am always fond of light colors, specially White, hence the same color is being reflected as the color of my house roof too. These light colors not only serve the purpose of shooting our eyes rather they also serve the purpose of saving energy as well. Light colors even consume 40% less energy than the other ones for cooling.

While preparing meals I never forgot to use the pot lids in order to cook the food faster.

Sometimes, I even cook 2 items at a time with the help of a separator.

While heating up the chilled food items, I always keep those items at normal room temperature first and as a result the same requires less time and energy to heat up.

I use the detergent based water to clean my personal vehicles which is left after washing the clothes.

I love to work on the day light whenever available. And I do so by switching off my lights and by letting the day light enter my house. Moreover, by letting the sun rays entering my house I also get benifitted from it’s ability to kill germs.

Dear Earthlings, Earth Day is just two days away and this is the high time that we honor Mother Nature by going green. By following the steps I have mentioned about, we can save the planet and at the same time, ensure savings to our pocket on earth day and beyond.

What are the else things you all would like to do to minimize carbon footprint and address global warming? How you all are taking initiatives to protect our climate  and environment in the honor of our mother nature and for the sakes of our own future health? Please don’t forget to leave your valuable insights on my FB, Twitter or G+ page.

Thank you for stopping by!

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