What My Dad Has Taught Me – His Intellectual Contribution in My Life

What My Dad Has Taught Me – His Intellectual Contribution in My Life
What My Dad Has Taught Me – His Intellectual Contribution in My Life

Though my parents were separated, I and my sister spent two weekends every month with our father according to the contract made between my parents. We spent beautiful time together. Today all I can say is that I have the most caring parents of the world yet it was my bad luck that we couldn’t stay together.

Nevertheless, I regularly take care of my dad and mom without discrimination. Father’s day is on the cards and this Father’s day I want to share the financial lessons that my father taught me and this will be my accolade to my father.

My father was not frugal. But his rules for good living helped me all the way of my life. He was the perfect example of how to manage your needs and wants, and invest in life. His money advices aided me to sail life even with less money. Let me pass five significant money lessons I learnt from him.

  • Support your soul first – Dad kept telling me and my sis from an early age that we should not financially depend on anybody, not even parents or spouse. He told us to support ourselves as this is the only thing that would give financial freedom and the freedom of doing things without seeking anybody’s permission. No matter whether you’re a single or married – the strategy will be the same. I always follow my dad’s words about being financially free.
  • Money can’t buy everything – Irrespective of the size of your paycheck, money can’t buy happiness. Salary is important but not at the expense of one’s soul. You should always follow your passion beside your profession and whenever you get time you should nurture it. And it would be great if you can earn some extra bucks by encashing your talent and passion like I do by blogging. In this respect I can say that people whose regular job allows and provides them the opportunity to explore their passion. Like if you have a flair for writing and collecting news, and then you can get a job of a journalist.
  • Learn throughout your life – Age is no bar when it comes to educating yourself. My father used to be a believer in leaning. He encouraged us to invest in knowledge so that we could grow in future. You can’t stand still. Knowledge is the only thing that one can’t take away from you. He did never mind to spend dollars for our education. He strongly believed that a parent should never compromise with his/ her child’s education. It is simply non-negotiable. My grandma couldn’t afford to send my dad to college for which my dad regretted throughout his life; so he never wanted us have the same regret. However, he also believed that education is not just about getting a degree. So he encouraged us to be up with latest trend and read a lot. He always encouraged us to learn new things no matter whether or not you need it in your work field. Knowledge is immortal.
  • Help others – Dad believed in the theory of giving back. He emphasized on assisting others who are under privileged and aiding causes that you care about with permissible time and financial resources. I didn’t need a fortune to make an impact on my favorite charities. I just earmark certain percentage of my income towards my designated charities that work for orphans and people suffering from AIDS and breast cancer.
  • Nothing can be taken – This is the greatest teaching that my dad taught me. You can’t take anything with you. You should always spend on what you love though there should be limit to freewheeling it. You must be disciplined about saving if you want to spend without worrying.

Dad always tells that money or wealth can’t make the character of an individual. He always focuses on being compassionate, religious, encouraging, family-oriented, supportive, intelligent, loyal, joyful, non-judgemental and last but not the least confident.

Dad's intellectual lessons
Dad’s intellectual lessons

Healthy Father’s Day gift ideas

This Father’s Day, I would love to give my dad some special gifts for his health and well-being. I have some exciting gift ideas; let me share my plan with you.

  1. Exercise tracker – My dad regularly work out. So an exercise tracker like a Garmin Forerunner or an Armour39 could b a good gift. It would help my dad track his state and reach health goals.
  2. Bike horns – I don’t want my dad to get wiped out by a car or let him take out any pedestrians. So I am thinking about giving him a bike horn.
  3. Kitchen tools – My dad loves to cook. Gifting him a salad spinner, an apple slicer or just a chef’s knife and cutting board could be a good option.
  4. Walnuts – Dad is getting older. So what if I give him a dose of heart health in a packet? Yess, I am talking about walnuts. The fruit is right in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and monosaturated fats. It also helps to enhance the level of potassium, vitamin E, iron and magnesium in blood.
  5. Heart rate monitor – Talking about heart…what about a heart rate monitor? It would help assess the intensity of exercise and make sure my dad is not doing over or under.
  6. Chin up bar – My dad regularly works out. So a chin-up bar can be a great choice to strengthen his muscles in arms, shoulders, back and chest. This is an inexpensive option too!
  7. Frisbee – This is perhaps the best yet cheapest gift option. It requires jumps, throws and quick pivots that would help to boost his agility and ensure full body workout that would burn up to 13 calories per minute.

There is no better way to thank my father than by adding some more years to his life. Yes, I know I can turn him into an eternal being. But I can ensure his well being and that is why I want to point towards healthy Father’s Day gift that boost his health.

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